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This is me in 2009

This is me in 2009
Happy, healthy, size ten jeans!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

This Poor Neglected Puppy of a Blog!

Poor sweet little blog is sitting here still sending out its messages with no input from me, the blog owner. What a brave little puppy of a blog, thank you for your faithful action of being here for those who stop by.

I'm going to actually post something today, and I hope will be posting more into the future. Blogging is a thing that goes in cycles - one second blogging is the most important thing in the blogger's life, and then something else takes over. In my case it was life and other blogs that got most of my attention. I've kept my interest in healthy eating though, and exercise to a lesser extent.

This year I've been promoting my other interests - I have written several books and selling them by connecting with interested people and chatting with them is a favourite things to do. I have a funny little book about dogs and gardening. I have a poetry collection dealing with sex abuse, and child abuse. And I have my most recent book, which is about multiple sclerosis from the viewpoint of a person dealing with it, me.

The dog book 'Dig it! Gardening Tips for Dogs' is the oldest of them, and I did another print run recently, so have copies for sale. The poetry collection 'Damaged Children Precious Gems' is a very personal work, and I don't feel any need to push that one, it's more for sharing with people who may gain from having the poetry there to find comfort from. Knowledge that others understand is a healing thing ...

The MS book 'Mick, Jane and Me, Living Well with MS' is the main and most recent one. It's a more substantial book, a memoir, with some poetry in it. The writing process was an interesting one - I had a mentor to assist me as I went through the writing of it. I'd decided I wanted to write the book in verse, and that took some work - without my mentor, this book wouldn't have been the helpful but lovely book that it is, I don't think.

I know have a brand new way to make a little money with my writing. This is an online article writing site - Hub Garden, and the reason I began this blog post is to share my most recent article posted there. This the link. It a post about healthy snacks.

If you have any healthy snack ideas, I'd love to read about them - feel free to leave a message here!

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