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This is me in 2009

This is me in 2009
Happy, healthy, size ten jeans!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Community Healthy Eating, It's On!

Community Foodies classes are starting next Wednesday, so I'll be getting all trained up in healthy eating and all kinds of other interesting things. I am so looking forward to be able to say, with authority, this is true, this is what you might be able to do to have a better diet.

At the moment, I know what I should eat, even though I know I don't eat enough vegetables, but I'd love to have more knowledge, and to know the best places to look for the most up to date knowledge.

There is just so much information available out there, and I know that a lot of the information is just plain wrong. It is frustrating. And every time I go to the supermarket and look in the shopping trolleys of other people, I can see where they are going wrong.

I'm not saying I am a saint with my own eating, but when I have something higher in calories, I make up for it in other ways. Chocolate is fine for me, as long as I only have a little bit, and I have a little less of something else later on.

And as long as I don't have it too often. I shared a block of chocolate with my husband and son last night, and we have another block of chocolate in the fridge still. I'm OK with that - the chocolate block only weighs 30 grams - 10 grams each is not going to be a major weight problem, unless we started eating that at every meal and on every day, instead of for dessert once a month.

So on Wednesday, I will get to know my fellow Foodies better, and begin a whole new adventure in better health for me, my family and my community!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I've got a cold at the moment, so my taste buds are not working very well. What I used to do when I had a cold was to stock up on chocolate because choccie sweetness taste is so strong, I can taste it.

What I'm doing now though, is only eating when I feel like eating, the same as usual. And because I don't feel like eating, I'm not eating much. The problem with that is that your body needs nutrients to fight the cold germs.

There's an old saying 'Feed a cold and starve a fever. This is largely a myth, but it sounds good. When you've got a cold, you just don't feel like eating.

What you have to do though, and this is on the reputable website I've linked to above, is you have to keep your (non-alcoholic) fluids up. Drink plenty of water.
Rest is important too. That's what I feel like doing right now, resting. I went out last night, and I'm glad I did, but I am so tired today, I just know I won't be doing much during the day.

It doesn't matter what you do, your cold will probably take a week to go away, but if you don't look after yourself it might turn into a chest infection and hang around for much longer.

I know I've probably lost weight over the last few days, simply because I haven't eaten much. Once I'm feeling better, my food intake will pick up, but I'll be watching what I eat, with maybe just a slight indulgence of couple of tiny Easter eggs that are (surprisingly) still left. My son is on a get fit kick at the moment, so he's not pigging out on the chocolate.

I'm hoping that this time next week I'll be fighting fit and ready for action!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Losing Weight, Finding Friends

I was talking to a woman at the Lawn Bowls Grand Final at Port Wakefield on Saturday, and we got talking about weight loss. We didn't know each other, but we were drawn together by our support of loved ones who were playing in the finals.

She was a bit older than I am (I'm nearly 46) and she's taller than me and a bigger lady. She told me she was excited because she'd lost 21cm. I'm assuming it was in total loss of all of the points measured at the weight loss place she goes to. She said she had recently bought some new clothes and the size 16 she tried on was too big, and the size 14 fitted well. This was good, but it was even better than that because she had been up to a size 22. I congratulated her heartily and we discussed our various methods of healthy eating and weight loss.

I spoke of my trying on of a size 10 dress recently that was too big, and suggested she try something I had read of somewhere, or perhaps the idea crept into my head from someone else. I felt so fantastic when I put on that size 8 dress, and it looked so good on, that I feel everyone trying to lose weight could try a version of what I experienced, but on a cheaper track. I think because we were both on the healthy eating track, we were both connecting in meaningful ways.

The idea was this. Go to an opportunity shop and look at the fancy dresses in a size smaller than what you currently are. Don't be silly and try for size 10 if you are currently wearing size 20, but go down a couple or a few dress sizes. Hang the dress up in your wardrobe, and get it out to look at every now and then. Hopefully you will find it easier to stay focussed on healthy eating when you have the motivation of the lovely dress to wear when you lose those kilos.

Perhaps you could begin to plan an occasion for the wonderful day that you can finally fit into the dress. Get your family and friends involved too. If they don't support you in your plan for attaining a healthier weight, explain to them how important it is to you. They should begin to see it you way, and if they don't well, find supporters from other of your friends.

It's not just about being able to wear smaller clothes, it's about being healthier and happier, and all of your family and friends should want that for you.