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This is me in 2009

This is me in 2009
Happy, healthy, size ten jeans!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Your Body, Your Weight Loss Program!

There are many ways to lose weight, and many ways to be spend too much money for little result. Looking around and thinking about the right method for you can get you the best results for your weight loss program.

Sometimes you find the perfect way that suits you well. We are all different and we need to address our weight loss in a way that is right for us.

And people who are uncomfortable with their size and shape may not want to put themselves on show to other people. That’s why it’s great to find a weight loss method you can do in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Home Workouts suit lots of people, especially at the beginning of the whole weight loss program. No-one wants to look silly in front of strangers, so working out at home can give you the privacy you crave at the start.

There’s more to losing weight than just working out. You need to get your nutritional needs sorted out too. If you are staring to try to lose weight, especially after a life of not doing much, and eating incorrectly, you may need more help.

It’s important to have the proper supplements when you increase your body’s workload and P90X Recovery Drink will give you what you need when you are increasing your work outs. Do yourself and your body a favour and use the right weight loss method.

Shakeology will help you get there, keeping your metabolism going at top sped and giving you all you need. Shakeology is a meal replacement that helps with weight loss and proper nutrition. Proper nutrition is even more important when you’re working, so you don’t crash and burn.

It gives your body all the nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants needs are you reshape yourself into the fit and healthy person you wand to be.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Summer Approaches!

I live in Australia. It's Spring here, and Nature has just begun giving hints to us that Summer is on the way.

Yesterday was one of the suddenly warmer days that can trick the unwary. I had an event I was involved in for the morning and early afternoon that I was any partly prepared for.

I had water to drink, but I hadn't brought a hat along to keep the sunshine off my face, nor sunscreen. Luckily the day was cloudy and cooled down a little after lunch, but even so, the hotter weather after many days of cooler weather was a wake up call to be prepared. The event was held at an Opportunity shop and I was able to buy a pre-loved hat for the day.

Being prepared means lots of things - I will remember a hat from now on, and sunscreen. It also means getting lots of healthy and yummy salad ingredients to keep in the fridge. Spring means no more long and slow-cooked comfort foods to keep the body warm.

Spring means vibrant and colourful salads to add a spring to your step and zest to your life! I was happy to receive an email yesterday from The George Mateljan Foundation with this lovely sounding recipe for Mediterranean Tabouli Salad.

I love tabouli salad, and I'm going to make this one very soon!