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This is me in 2009

This is me in 2009
Happy, healthy, size ten jeans!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Great Website

I have just found a fantastic website, jam-packed full of good information for those of us who care about what we eat.

Everybody has at least one reason why food is important to them. Most people have many reasons. The first and obvious reason is you eat to stay alive. There are many other reasons why people eat, and reason they eat what they eat. Some of those reason can lead to living a healthy life, other reasons lead to poor food choices.

But if you don't know enough about nutrition, you may not know which food choices to make. I can strongly recommend you visit the website of the Australian Better Health Initiative (ABHI), a national program, supported by the Australian and state and territory governments. There is information about food groups, tips for getting active, recipes for healthy foods, advice on how much is a 'serving' of fruit and vegetables.

There's also a quiz, which is on the website I've mentioned. I was very excited to test my nutritional knowledge. And I was even more excited when I got all of the questions correct.

There is also a quiz for testing how physically active you are. I'm not so excited about that one, and I don't think I'll get a good score. I know I am nowhere near as active as I could/should be. But, in the interests of fairness, and encouraging others, here goes...

...Well, it could have been worse. The answer to the question of how physically I am, was that I'm not active enough, but I'm getting there. I'd better get back on Wii Fit today, and every day (every other day at the very least).

How do you think you'll go at these quizzes. Is your knowledge about your physical health up to scratch?

I'd love to hear from people about their thoughts on physical health. Tips, recipes, quiz results, let us know. This is a community issue, be a part of the community by leaving a comment!


  1. Good link shared with us. Advance BMI Calculator is used to check actually who need to lose weight.

  2. Thanks for visiting. I'll check out what your have.

  3. Ok Zeeshan, I looked at your website earlier today - lots of useful info to help lose weight.

  4. I took the nutrition quiz, and I scored a perfect score! That's a definite plus! Now I just have to stick to what I know in real life. Thanks, Carolyn!

  5. Real life is what it's about, but knowing and doing are not the same thing. We have sneaky little voices in our heads sometimes, saying, hungry, so, so hungry; Our tummy might say something quite different, but the sneaky voice doesn't shut up at times!


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